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Cat Room Rules

Our number one priority at Dexter's is keeping all our cat and kitten friends safe. We reached out to cat cafes across the country and these were their top suggestions for rules to keep everyone comfortable, happy, and relaxed. 

Do not pick up cats

While we may end up having lots of cats who enjoy snuggles the reality is most cats aren't going to react well to strangers picking them up. This environment will be an adjustment to most of these cats who aren't used to a lot of people being in and out every day which means we're doing everything we can to help their transition from the shelter to the cafe go smoothly. Our cats will most likely be more willing to come up for scratches and to play if they don't think there's a risk of being picked up. If you're sitting and one climbs on your lap, it's your lucky day!


Let Sleeping Cats Sleep

As mentioned above, this will be a new experience for the cats having so many people coming to interact with them on a daily basis. They're going to be worn out from all the excitement and deserve to have all the uninterrupted naps they want. There's also no better way to startle a cat and potentially get clawed than to try and wake one up. Let these kitties dream of chasing lasers and climbing wall shelves and they'll be ready to get back to it for real soon! 


Do Not Feed Cats

We're working closely with Four Footed Friends to ensure all our cats are as healthy as can be and one of the best ways to ensure that is to keep them all on a specific diet. Outside treats and snacks can quickly make for sick kitty bellies so we kindly ask you to not feed them anything during your visit. This can also create bad habits of expecting all visitors to have treats. We'll have plenty of food bowls out for everyone to share. 


Only Play With Toys Provided By Us. 

As we've previously stated, our number one goal is to help these cats and kittens find homes so with that in mind we ask you to refrain from playing with your hands, clothing strings, lasers, or anything outside of what we are providing. This helps our cats create good habits and show off their excellent manners for potential adopters. 

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